Toilet Parts

Toilets and Urinals like all plumbing items need replacement parts. We have a large assortment of toilet parts both for currently avaiable and discontinued toilet. Among the parts we carry are: fill valves (ballcocks), flush valves (douglas valve), flappers, tank floats, tank balls, trip levers, gaskets, wax rings, hold down bolts and nuts, bowl to floor and wall rubber gaskets, bowl to tank gaskets, toilet tank lids. We are the Midwest Regional Parts Distributors for Toto toilet parts. Some of the manufacture’s parts that North Shore Faucets,Inc. carry are: American Standard, Briggs, Case, Cesco Brass, Coast, Crane, Curtain Valves, Delta, Eljer, Icera, Indiana Brass, Kallista, Kohler, Lavalle Industries, Mansfield, Porcher, Saint Thomas Creations, Sloan Valve, Toto, Wolverene Brass, Zurn.